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"Here you will find our beautiful collection of top quality, which we hope you will enjoy browsing as much as we have done in putting our collection together!"

It is our philosophy that you can have excellent quality and great looks for your home without spending a fortune and we spend much of our time seeking out new specialist suppliers who are creating such as products, which very often can be hard to find at the excellent  price in the high street or elsewhere. 


TAMC Clients can be confident knowing that the professionals at TAMC have strong experience in curtain, blinds, upholsteries, wall covering, decorative paints etc.

Our wide repertoire of products include draperies, sofas, cushions, bedspreads, upholsteries, wall coverings, carpets, curtains, blinds, decorative paints and lots more to make your home / work place a perfect haven of aesthetic appeal. Over the years, we have undertaken and implemented several projects to the utmost satisfaction and pride of our vast clientele- from villas to hotels, theatres, restaurants, and hospitals.

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